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RSC Virtual Library: ClickView

Log on to ClickView

Go to

Use your RSC email address

[TO number]

and your RSC network password

Share with your students

Click the Share button to the right of your video in the list

and you'll see this

You can copy the link into Compass, email or any online communication.  You can use the Embed Code if you want to place a Media widget on a web page.

Advise your students to log in with their school email address and password.

[student id number]

Search for video material

Type some key words from the title of your video in the Search Box (top right) & press Enter.

You'll see a list of results.

Request a video from free-to-air TV

You can request items from free-to-air TV up to 2 weeks after airing.

1.  First do a search from the Dashboard to make sure your video is not already availalbe.

2.  Choose TV from the top menu.

3.  Then type in the search box.

4.  Look through the list and click the one you want.

5.  Click Add

What can I do with my video?

1.  Watch it straight away (just click on the thumbnail)

2.  Add to your own playlist,

           e.g. Year 11 English Language

3.  Share it with your students as is

4.  Edit the film - create chapters

5.  Make an interactive - the film automatically stops at intervals you choose, and you can set questions or other tasks for students to do before they move on

6.  Use analytics to see if your students actually did watch it, and when.

7.  Request a video which is not already in the system.

Create playlists and add videos

Click the Options button


Add to existing playlist or create a new one

Request a Foxtel program

Foxtel programs need to be requested in advance of airing.  Foxtel Guide

1.  First do a search from the Dashboard to make sure your video is not already available.

2.  Choose TV from the top menu.