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2015 Excursion May 28

West Book Club

Thursday 1, Library Discussion Room, 12.55

Bring your lunch and a friend

There are always snacks and new friends too

What are we reading?


Assassin's Blade by Sarah J Maas


Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs


The Duff by Kody Keplinger


same as Caitlin


St Clare's by Pamela Cox


The Hawkweed Prophecy by Irena Brignull

Farewell to the Year 12s 2016

2014 Excursion to Melbourne Writers Festival

Students' thoughts about the excursion

On Monday the 25th of August, Rowville SC Book Club students went on an excursion to the city. Three authors spoke to the group about different literature based topics. They explained the basics of crime fiction while letting students create their own crime fiction novel. A memorable experience was hearing from Tim Cope who wrote The Trail of Genghis Khan; he spoke about his experiences living in Mongolia and he discussed his three and a half year journey through Europe.

Students also toured the Victoria State Library and were surprised to discover that it has over 200 million books and is made up of 22 different buildings! The excursion was fabulous and students all had a fantastic time learning about the earliest forms of writing and its history.

On the 25th of August, the people in book club went to Melbourne and attended the Melbourne Writer's Festival. An adventurer named 'Tim Cope', who told and explained his travel on horses from Mogolia to Hungary. This journey of his went for 3 1/2 years, involving hardship, emotional and panicking events. He explained the time where he lose his horses after his 5-days adventure and after that, he met an opening family who have his horses, as those horses ran to the family's horse pack . He also talked about how he film his journey using a tripod and showed us the video of the original shot. It was hilarious watching the video as he only rode on the horse around the area the camera can catch and he just kept riding around for at least 15-30 minutes a day.
His journey was met with many friendships, amongst people of different cultures. Many people thought that he was a spy, fraud or theft and he said that it was difficult to convince them he's just a traveller. Alongside with the explanation of the journey, he had many quotes that reflected his adventure. Two of the quotes were: "If ever in life you have to rush, rush slowly" and "Mountains never meet...But people do".
Tim cope had shown us how patiency is needed to seek success in life, as he certainly displayed this during his journey. Overall, Tim's speech and presentation was an inspiration and an admiration to me. This excursion was enjoyable and I've learnt a lot about how stories are developed.
Thank you.

The Library excursion was fantastic and amazing. We did things fun and educational. I did not get bored once. I went to the Plotting the perfect crime; it was about 3 writers and them explaining how you should write a perfect crime where the audience had a say on each subject. I also went to ‘A long way from home’ it featured Tim Cope with a journey and it was quite intriguing. The last activity I did was a State Library tour. It was pretty fun and a blast from the past. So overall it was a great and fascinating excursion.

Today I learned about many different things so many I can't count them they were absolutely brilliant I wish It didn't end but unfortunately it had to. thank you for giving me the chance to experience this wonderful activity

On the 25/08/14, students in book club from the East and Western campuses travelled to the city to attend the Melbourne writers festival followed by a visit to the state library in the city. We listened to three authors speak at the Melbourne writers festival and then we had a tour around the state library. I enjoyed the workshop with the crime authors Elie Marney and Lili Wilkinson. These too inspiring writers taught me how to construct an crime by explaining all the motives and main aspects that need to be added. They kept me entertained and yearning for more advice. I really enjoyed the trip overall, but this was my favourite bit from the whole excursion.
Thank you

Students were given the opportunity to teach their class about how to create a great crime story. The first three presenters spoke about the difference between thriller/suspense and mystery; they also created a brainstorm about different types of crimes. The next three students spoke about the different steps of writing a crime story and everyone was able to create a class story and individual stories.

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