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RSC Virtual Library: Printing & copying

How much does it cost?

A4 black 10 cents
A4 colour 20 cents
A3 black 50 cents
A3 colour $1

The cost is per side, not per sheet.  So 1 A4 black double-sided will be 20 cents.


The xerox printer can scan too.  If you just want to take away a digital copy instead of paper, you can scan.  This lets you edit your document in Paint, Photoshop, Word, etc before printing, or send it to someone by email or upload it to Compass.

There are instructions on the xerox printer.  Only teachers can collect the scanned images though, so bring a USB and a librarian can put them on for you.

Scanning is free

Library Printers/Copiers

This printer is called wlibrary (at the West) and elibrary (at the East).

It only prints in black on A4, but it can print double-sided.


This printer is called wxerox (at the West) and exerox (at the East).  It can print colour or black, on A4 and A3, and it can print double sided and staple.  Click on Printer properties for these options.





This is what you'll see when you click Print.  If you're double-siding in landscape (like for a brochure) choose Flip on Short Edge


What if I run out of print credit?

Just take some cash to the general office and they will top up your account.

This window on your desktop tells you how much is left.



  • The xerox can also do copying in black or colour.
  • Single or double-sided, A4 and A3. 
  • Prices are the same as printing. 
  • You need to type in your ID and password. 
  • If you need help, just ask a librarian.

Save the trees

Before you hit the print button, think:

  • Do I have to print this, or can I use it digitally?
  • Can I print double-sided?
  • Can I use narrow margins or smaller font so I can print fewer pages?
  • Only print the pages I need
  • Cut out the bits I don't need